16 | 07 | 2020
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Iran-EU27 Trade in the first five month at 1,829 million Euro

EU27-Iran Foreign Trade from January till Mal 2020 generated 1,829 mil­li­on Euro. The 27 EU coun­­tries (without the United Kingdom) exported goods worth € 1,552 million Euro to Iran and imported goods worth € 277 million. Germany was the most important EU trade partner of Iran, with a trade vol­ume of 782 million Euro, fol­lowed by Italy (254 million Euro) and the Netherlands 188 mil­lion Euro).

The European Union (EU27) export of goods to Iran in the first five month of the year 2020 stood at 1.552 mill­i­on  Euro, a de­crea­se of 7% com­­pared to the first five month of the year 2019. Ac­cor­ding to the la­test da­ta by Euro­stat, the sta­tis­tical of­fice of the European Union, 45% of the EU ex­­ports to Iran ca­me from Ger­­­many, which de­­­li­ve­red goods worth € 697 million, that was 29% mo­re than in January till May 2019. Second (14%) was Italy with ex­ports worth € 210 milli­on (-28%), fol­lowed by the Ne­ther­­­lands (€ 138 million, -28%).

In the first five month of the year 2020 the 27 EU countries imported goods worth € 277 million from Iran, (-3 %). Most of the Iranian ex­ports to the Eu­­ro­pean Union (31%) go to Germany, which im­ported goods worth 85 million from Iran (-1%), fol­­lowed by the Netherlands  (€ 50 million, +598%) and Italy (€44 million, -30%).

Restrictions Return to Tehran Amid Rising Virus Infections

Financial Tribune:   Iran will reimpose some lockdown measures in its overcrowded capital Teh­ran to halt a new surge in Covid-19 cases, which has overwhelmed hospitals and pushed the dai­ly death toll to a record high. The city of Tehran is set to be placed under quarantine mea­su­res for one week, Governor General Anourshirvan Mohseni Bandpey was quoted as saying by ISNA on Monday night. “The closure of coffee shops, zoos, beauty parlors, cinemas, theaters, lan­guage institutes, swimming pools, gyms, mosques, wedding halls and libraries are among the measures,” Bandpey said. The lockdown also includes any type of public gathering, including wed­­dings, funerals and seminars. The new order, issued by the National Coronavirus Taskforce, has not been executed yet, accor­ding to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, which main­tained that, by Tuesday noon, it had not yet received the order to close down cultural cen­ters.

It has been nearly two months since the government opened all businesses to revive its eco­no­my which move, according to Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi, accounts for only 8% of the recent infections in most provinces. “In most provinces, family gatherings are responsible for over 40% of transmissions, 51% due to close contact with an infected family member and only 8% in work environments,” he added. According to the health official, one-fifth of daily deaths in Iran occurs due to the coronavirus pandemic. “About 1,050 lose their lives in Iran every day and more than 200 of the deaths involve Covid-19 patients,” he added. Harirchi pointed out that the figures should be a wake-up call for Iranians.

Vehicle traffic in the city of Tehran has dropped by 20% compared to two weeks ago, a city of­fi­cial said, following the resurgence of the pandemic and a nationwide mandatory mask wearing order. Ali Raeisi, another health official, said the one-week shutdown is a “start” and restrict­i­ons should be evaluated by the end of the period and extended, if necessary.   …   …

Rent Increases Over 25% Banned in Tehran

Financial Tribune:   Latest data published by Central Bank of Iran show that during May 21-June 20, the price of rented residential properties in Tehran and across urban areas increased by 27.6% and 30.7% respectively compared with the similar month of last year

Tenancy agreements signed as of June 29 may not increase rents by more than 25% in Tehran and 20% rise in other large cities, President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday.  “As per the deci­sion made by the National Taskforce to Fight Coronavirus, rent increases in other Iranian cities must not exceed 15% compared with that of last year,” he was quoted as saying by Hibna.  

In early May, the taskforce also approved a self-executing two-month extension of rental agree­ments with the termination date falling between February 20 and May 20 to control the spread of coronavirus and help tenants battling job and income losses during the pandemic. Courts we­re also required to not enforce penalty or evictions amid the outbreak while landlords and te­nants were advised to be flexible in extending the lease contracts and scrap relocations to slow the spread of the virus.

Facemasks to Become Mandatory in Public

Financial Tribune:   Adherence to social distancing measures dropped sharply following the gradual reopening of the economy, sparking a rise in cases and deaths that have forced autho­rities to reimpose lockdown in hard-hit provinces

Iranians will be required to wear facemasks in public starting next week, as daily fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic have risen to a three-month high on Sunday. President Hassan Rou­hani issued an order that makes it compulsory to wear face coverings in certain public places from July 5 for two weeks, President.ir reported. 

Quarantänepflicht in Deutschland bei Einreise aus Iran

Einreisende aus Risikogebieten können gemäß den jeweiligen Quaran­täne­verordnungen der zuständigen Bundesländer von der Absonderungsverpflichtung ausge­nom­men sein, sofern sie durch ein ärztliches Zeugnis nachweisen können, dass sie nicht mit SARS-CoV-2 infiziert sind (bzw. zum Zeitpunkt der Testung kein SARS-CoV-2 nachgewiesen wer­den konnte).  Der Test darf höchstens 48 Stunden vor der Einreise durchgeführt worden sein. Molekularbiologische Teste (PCR-Teste) aus Iran werden derzeit nicht anerkannt. So­fern kein Test vor Einreise durchgeführt wur­de, ist es auch möglich, sich nach der Einreise nach Deutsch­land testen zu lassen.  Weitere infos unter:   https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Tests.html