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Iran’s Non-oil Trade Volume at $ 72 Bln in Ten Month

The latest statistics of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) show­ed that Iran’s foreign trade volume in the first ten month the current Iranian year (Mar. 21 – Jan. 20) has reached $71.595 billion (-2%). The volume of exports of non-oil goods (excluding crude oil, fuel oil and kerosene and also without considering exports out of luggage trade) in the same period val­­ued at $35.514 billion (-3%). China ($8.319 billion), Iraq ($ 8.071 billion), Tur­key ($4.156 billi­on) the United Arab Emi­rates ($ 3.777 billion) and Afghanistan ($ 1.954 billion) were Iran’s five major export destinations, which account­ed for $26.277 billion (79%) in total.

Iran imported goods, valued at $36.081 billion (-0,1%) in the first ten months of the current Ira­nian year, IRICA added. Accordingly, China ($ 9.169 billion), the Uni­ted Arab Emirates ($ 7.065 bil­lion) Turkey ($ 4.194 billion), India ($ 3.101 billion) and Germany ($ 1.747 billion) exported over $25.276 billion (75%) worth of products to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the same period.