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Iran-EU Trade from January till August near 3.5 Bil­li­on Euro

EU-Iran Foreign Trade in the first eight month of 2019 generated 3,473 mil­li­on Euro. The 28 EU coun­­tries exported goods worth € 2,996 million Euro to Iran and imported goods worth € 476 million.  Germany was the most important EU trade partner of Iran, with a trade volume of 1,096 million Euro, fol­lowed by Italy (658 million Euro) and the Netherlands (334 million Euro).

The European Union (EU28) export of goods to Iran stood at 2,996 million Euro, a de­crea­se of 52% com­­pared with the first eight month of the year 2018.  According to the la­test da­ta by Euro­stat, the sta­tis­tical office of the European Union, 32% of the EU ex­ports to Iran ca­me from Ger­­­many, which de­­­li­ve­red goods worth €963 million, that was 47% less than in the first eight month of the year 2018. Second (18%) was Italy with exports worth € 547 million (-50%), fol­lowed by the Ne­ther­­­lands (€ 322 million, -41%) and France (€ 256 million, -62%). 

From January till August 2019 the 28 EU countries imported goods worth € 477 million from Iran, (a de­crea­se of 94% compared with the first eight month of 2018).  Major Iranian ex­ports to the Eu­­ro­pean Union (28%) go to Germany, which imported goods worth € 133 million from Iran    (-58%), fol­­lowed by Italy (€ 111 million, -95% and Spain (€48 million, -97%).