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EU-Iran Trade from Jan. to July 2018 at € 12.5 Bil­li­on

EU-Iran Foreign Trade in the first seven month of the year 2018 reached 12.5 bil­li­on Euro. The 28 EU coun­tries exported goods worth € 5.338 bn to Iran and imported goods worth € 7.181 bn.  As a result, trade balance between Iran and EU stood at € 1.843 bn in favor of Iran. Italy was the most important EU-trade partner of Iran, with a trade volume of 2,943 million Euro, fol­lowed by France (1,983 mn Euro), Spain (1,845 mn Euro) and Germany  (1,810 mn Euro).

From January to July 2018 the European Union (EU28) export of goods to Iran stood at € 5,338 mn, a de­crea­se of 8% compared with the first seven month in 2017.  According to the la­test (pre­limi­na­ry) da­ta by Euro­stat, the statistical office of the European Union, 29% of the EU-ex­ports to Iran ca­me from Ger­many, which delivered goods worth €1,533 mn, that was 6% less than in the year before period. Second (18%) was Italy with exports worth € 953 mn (-6%), fol­lowed by France (€ 531 mn, -38%) and the Netherlands (€ 443 mn, +11%).   

From January to July 2018 the 28 EU countries imported goods worth  € 7,181 mn from Iran, (an in­crea­se of 24%  compared with the same period of 2017).  With the removal of most of the sanc­­tions at the end of January 2016, Iran again started the export of oil to Europe.  That is the reason for the high growth rates in Iranian exports to some EU countries.  Major Iranian ex­ports to the Eu­ro­pean Union go to Italy, which imported goods worth € 1,990 mn from Iran (+12%) fol­­lowed by Spain (€ 1,484 mn, +102%), France (€ 1,452 mn, -2%), Greece (€ 1,029 mn, +34%)  and Germany (€ 277 mn, 30%).