20 | 08 | 2018
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Aktueller Devisenkurs Rial


CBI 42.000 48.002
Wechselstuben k.A. 98.762
Goldmünze   38.010.000  

An Feiertagen werden keine Devisenraten veröffentlicht.

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New foreign currency plan to be implemented on Tuesday

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA – The new package of foreign currency, passed in the cabinet on Sunday, will be put into effect on Tuesday, said the new governor of the Iranian Central Bank.  'With this program, the depth of the currency secondary market, in which 20% of the non-oil exporters pre­sented their foreign currencies, will become more,' said Abdonnasser Hemati in a televised pro­gram on Iranian national TV on Monday evening.  Saying that the main exporters, including petrochemical plants, steel and non-ferrous metals, can sell their foreign currencies on the ba­sis of 'supply and demand' in the secondary market, Hemmati said, 'The importers can use the money only if their orders have been registered in the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the ministry has decided that their goods are necessary for the country.'