20 | 08 | 2018
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Iran’s Foreign Non-oil-Trade tops 30 Billion USD in 4 Months

Iran exported $15.450 billion of non-oil products during the four-month period from March 21 to July 22, with 15 percent rise from $13.471 bln in the same time span of the past year, ac­cor­ding to Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).  IRICA data showed that gas con­densate valued at $1.864 bln, liquefied propane worth $691 million, low-density oils and their byproducts except for gasoline valued at $555 mln, poly­ethy­lene film grade valued at $411 mln, and methanol worth $407 mln were the main ex­ported products during the menti­oned period of time, IRIB reported.  China ($3.046 bln, 8%), United Araba Emirates ($2.808 bln, 32%), Iraq ($2.522 bln, 23%), Afgha­nistan ($1.108 bln., 31%), and South Korea ($821 bln, -40%) were the main export mar­kets of Iranian non-oil goods during the four-month period.

Iran imported $15.179 bln of non-oil products in the mentioned time span, with 4 percent fall from the figure of last year.  Auto parts worth $1024 mln, corn as livestock food valued at $711 mln, rice worth $675 mln, soy bean valued at $492 mln and cell phones ($228 million) were the major imported products and China ($3.890 bln, UAE ($2.169 bln), South Korea ($984 mln, India ($912) and Germany ($753mln) were the main exporters of goods to Iran du­ring the four-month period.  Imports from the UAE, South Korea and Germany dropped by 27%, 8% and 13% while imports from China and India grew by 11% and 2% respectively YOY.