21 | 03 | 2018
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Iran Foreign Trade Up 8%

Iran’s non-oil foreign trade during the first eight months of the current fiscal year (star­ted March 21) stood at $60.907 billion, indicating an 8% rise compared with last year’s corres­ponding period. 

According to the latest report of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration carried by Mehr News Agency, exports hit $28.488 billion, indicating a 1.21% de­cli­ne year- on-year.  Gas con­­­densates ($4.58 billion), liquefied propane ($897 million), light crude oil, excluding gasoline ($764 million), methanol ($752 million) and polyethylene ($750 million) were the main export­ted commodities.  China was the main customer of Iranian products during the eight-month pe­riod, as Iran exported $5.748 billion worth of goods to the Asian country, 13.51% more than in the corresponding period of last year.   Other major export destinations included Iraq with $4.351 billion, the UAE ($3.893 billion), South Korea ($2.747 billion) and Afghanistan ($1.849 billion). Exports to Iraq, South Korea and Afghanistan rose by 6.51%, 28.12% and 12.11% respectively com­pared to last year, but the UAE imported 18.7% less goods from Iran in the period com­pa­red with last year’s same period.

 Imports amounted to $32.419 billion, up 17.52% YOY. Increased im­ports of basic goods, auto parts, cars and capital goods are behind the rise in imports.  Imports mainly included rice ($1 bil­lion), field corn ($980 million), auto parts ($972 million), soybean ($669 million) and vehicles of engine displacement between 1500 cc and 2000 cc ($643 million).  Major exporters to Iran in­cluded China ($7.951 billion), the UAE ($5.749 billion), Turkey ($2.221 billion), South Korea ($1.844 billion) and Germany (1.792 billion).

The average price of each ton of exporting goods stood at $363, posting an 8.04% rise year-on-year and the average price of each ton of importing commodities hovered around $1,361, up 6.8% compared to last year’s same period.

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